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About Core Dermatology

Core: the central or most important part of something.

Core Dermatology was founded in 2018 by Dr. Frankel with the goal of providing comprehensive, compassionate, individualized dermatologic care.  We want you to feel at ease, knowing that you’re receiving expert, physician directed care. We aim to address your skin-related needs by treating all disorders of the hair, skin and nails.  At Core Dermatology you will always receive up-to-date, evidence based treatment delivered in an efficient and cost effective manner. We believe the small practice feel is preferable to most patients, and strive to maintain an open dialogue with our patients about all aspects of their care.

The CORE Commitment:  

We are dedicated to providing the following to our valued patients:

Caring team members committed to providing personalized dermatologic care in a modern and friendly setting.

Outreach and education — we aim to empower our patients to become active participants in their own skin care.

Respect of patient time and needs.

Evidence based, up-to-date, cost-effective treatments.