Seeing Your Dermatologist During Coronavirus

Welcome to Core Dermatology. You’re going to notice some changes in our dermatology and Mohs surgery practice during coronavirus. We’re the same people, but we’re making the changes needed to keep you safe.


Before Your Visit

We ask that you wear a cloth face covering to your appointment. Please do NOT
wear a mask containing a one-way exhalation valve.

You will get a phone call from us confirming your appointment and asking the
following questions:
1) Have you recently developed any symptoms of a respiratory infection such as
cough, sore throat, fever or shortness of breath or new loss of taste or smell?
2) Have you had any recent contacts with patients either diagnosed with or
exposed to COVID-19?

If you answer yes, you will be asked to reschedule.  

Core Dermatology normally welcomes companions, but during this time, only
patients, parents/guardians of minors, and POAs are allowed on site.

Check in

Please try to complete all portals and paperwork online prior to your visit. Pens
and clipboards are disinfected before we hand them to you.

Waiting Areas

Social distancing is practiced throughout Core Dermatology. You will be roomed as quickly as possible after you check in.  Chairs in the waiting room are blocked off to maintain 6 feet of social distance.  We are also disinfecting waiting room chairs and surfaces every two hours.


Exam Rooms

No hugs or handshakes. We may greet you differently, but it doesn’t mean we
care any less.

Our medical assistants will take your temperature and once more screen for any
recent COVID-19 related symptoms.

Please leave your mask on for the entire duration of your visit (including
changing in and out of a gown). During the examination the doctor will direct you
when to remove the covering if an examination of your lower facial skin is

Exam rooms are thoroughly disinfected between every patient including chairs,
doorknobs, light switches, and all counter surfaces.

Our Attire

No more white coats at Core Dermatology. Only clean scrubs every day.

We will also be wearing masks and other personal protective equipment for your safety and ours.