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Accutane Instructions

Can I be seen for Accutane virtually?

Absolutely!  In fact, during the COVID-19 pandemic ipledge has adjusted some
of its regulations, including temporarily allowing home pregnancy tests in lieu of office/blood testing!

Prior to your virtual visit:

  1. If you have taken 0 (yet to start), 1 or 2 months of Accutane, please get labs done prior to your visit if possible. We still need to check your liver, lipids and blood count in addition to the blood pregnancy test (called hcg on the order form).
  2. If you are in months 3, 4, 5, 6 or beyond and a male, nothing is required for your visit unless you are told otherwise. For females, please take a home pregnancy test on the day of your visit.
    1. Label a paper towel with your
      1. Full Name 
      2. DOB 
      3. Date of Test 
      4. Your Signature.
    2. Place negative test on paper towel and take a photo.
      1. Important: Include in photo of the test packaging showing expiration date, see below
    3. See sample image below.
    4. Email photo(s) to

Email us photo similar to sample below: